Dec 9, 2009

Seniornet Kaitaia is Stepping Out

Six of Kaitaias more senior students took part in a pilot scheme to run Stepping Up through the Seniornet hub. Today was a celebration of their acheivement in completing 4 Digital Steps. Computer Maintenance & Security, Email & the Internet, Office Skills, and Digital Imaging. The feedback from the six was excellent with a couple of them prepared to take on futher courses next year. All of the students had been participants in the Round 2 Computers in Homes programme. The Far North, along with a couple of other regions in New Zealand, have a very unique and diverse family structure. With parents forced to return to cities for employment alot of the school children are left at home with grandparents to bring them up. As was the case with these students. They commented on how confident they had become to participate in the digital world alongside their grandchildren, and were not intimidated by the speed they were expected to learn at. All students were taught by Seniornet tutors, who themselves are retired. Special thanks must go to both Lorraine and Mary who have given their own time generously to formulate lesson plans and actually do the tutoring. They were a big part in the success of this programme. Special thanks must go to the 6 students who were brave enough to leap back into a learning environment. Well done to you all.

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