Apr 11, 2010

Final Graduation for Term 1

Rawene School held the final graduation of the 3 schools for Term 1 on the afternoon of Friday 26th March. After a really pleasant trip across on the ferry we were faced another group of very friendly participants and their families all keen to get their hands on the computers they so rightly deserved. We were welcomed by Principal Maria Barnes and classes of the school children who all sat by with great respect while the adults were honoured at this out of the ordinary assembly. Some of the participants were so keen to get home with their new prizes they didn't even stop to have a bite to eat with us. Well done to you all and a big thank you to Nichole who was the tutor. She did admit to changing her mind at the start but not having the courage to tell me but is now keenly awaiting the start of the second term of students. As she said the reward from seeing the adults progress was amazing. Well done Rawene I can't wait to come back in Term 2.

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