Apr 11, 2010

Graduation Number 2

Friday 26 March started out as a glorious sunny day and there was no better way than to spend this by the water at Kohukohu celebrating their graduating Term 1 participants. This was also a very friendly family orientated event with the whole school joining in with some awe inspiring songs. This group had become a very close knit group over the ten weeks they spent together training. They had two pregnant myums who were hoping to hang in for their graduation. Unfortunately one was unwell and her older children accepted her certificate and computer onnthe familiy's behalf. The other one just couldn't hang on and her baby was only a couple of days old so her partner had to accept on her behalf. So it shows their dedication to learn. We were given an official welcome from the school and Principal Tanya Filla who gave the project so much support. Thanks also to the tutor Cheryl who made the learning so much more interesting for the adults. Bid thanks to all the participants who put on the most awesome morning tea. Looking forward to catching up with some of you when I'm over there next term

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