Sep 30, 2010

Term 3 Graduates, Primed and Ready:

The Far North had six groups participating in the Computers in Homes project over Term 3, with 66 people graduating in total. We had schools involved stretching from Kaitaia all the way up to Te Kao.

The graduations started at the top of the island at Ngataki and Te Kao on the 8th of September and the participants were extremely excited to get their new computers home for the school holidays. I had some great feedback from some participants who were part of the previous course held at the schools, and met some wonderful people. The food was amazing and they really pulled together to put on a great event at Ngataki.

The next day (the 9th of September), Awanui held their graduation. I have to credit Carolyn the tutor for the presentation of the event. The computers and certificates were decorated and displayed beautifully. There was such pride among the graduates and it was wonderful to be a part of that. A few of the participants mentioned how eager they are to carry on with their learning through Stepping Up, good on you guys!!
Adele Gardner from The 2020 Far North ICT Trust

On the 17th of September Kaitaia Primary held their graduation with some great nibbles then an assembly with the whole school where the participants were presented with their certificates and computers. It was great to see the kids involved in the celebration. The group also made an appearance in Thursday the 23rd of September’s edition of The Northland Age. Well done to you all from Kaitaia.

And last but certainly not least Paparore School celebrated their graduates on the 20th of September. The kids were so excited to fire up their new computers, one family had already made a schedule of who got to use the computer first, of course mum who graduated was to get the first turn.

All the students were so thankful to their tutors and schools for providing this opportunity and I have to agree. Thank you to the tutors Tracey (Kaitaia), Lee (Paparore), Carolyn (Awanui) and Pat (both Ngataki and Te Kao) for making the course such a huge success and also to the principals Brendon (Kaitaia), John (Paparore), Delwynne (Awanui), John (Ngataki) and Netta (Te Kao) and their boards for hosting this project in their schools. Thank you to the trustees from the local 2020 Far North ICT Trust who attended these Graduations.

Now we look forward to starting off our next group of families for the last Term of the year. I can’t wait to see how they all grow and become so confident over the course of training just as the families from Term 3 have done. Congratulations to you all once again.

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