Dec 1, 2010


This year has gone so quickly and I’m sure the Term 4 participating families would agree with me. We have had Whanau working hard at Taipa Area School, Kaitaia Primary School, Pukepoto School and Kohukohu School to complete their 20 hours of computer training before the Christmas break. Even at such a busy time of year the families involved have stuck to it, and from what I hear have really enjoyed themselves in the process.
The first school to get underway for Term 4 was Kaitaia Primary School with 9 families participating. They started on the first day of the term (the 11th October 2010) and had a great turn out. They weren’t shy to ask me lots of questions which was fantastic (but were however a bit more coy when it came to taking a group photo, they weren’t the only ones). Here are a few pictures of the group. The lovely lady in red at the front is Tracey the tutor, she has done a wonderful job, thanks Tracey! Kaitaia Primary will be having their Graduation on the 26th November at 1:30 pm.

The next groups to get underway were Taipa Area School at 1 pm and Pukepoto at 5 pm on the 13th of October. As you can see from the picture below, the Taipa families were packed in like sardines to their computer room, but they didn’t mind getting a bit cosy. They have all sent me lovely emails letting me know how they are getting on so I know that they are on a good roll. Anna took on 14 families this term so has been very busy doing two lessons a week. Thank you Anna.

Pukepoto School had a great set up in one of their classrooms with Tracey the tutor hooked up to a projector so the participants could see exactly what she was doing. Great idea Tracey! We had a full turnout at the first class and once again they were all eager to get started and ask lots of questions. Well done Pukepoto, I can’t wait to hear what you have been up to at your Graduation on the 8th of December at 6 pm.

Finally, Kohukohu School started on the 19th of October. What a lovely town and lovely people to match. The inside scoop is that there have been many laughs at each other’s expense and they are all having a fantastic time (thanks to the tutor, Cheryl). Once again I have received some great emails from these Whanau and some funny pictures too. Kohukohu are having their Graduation on the 7th of December at 12 pm.

So the Graduations are creeping up very fast and everyone is looking forward to celebrating at the end of the year. Keep up the great work everyone. I’m looking forward to seeing you all again soon.

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