Mar 7, 2011


Term 1 of 2011 is off to a roaring start. We have two schools currently training 40 families, Taipa Area School and Kaingaroa School. Te Kura Kaupapa Maori Pukemiro is due to start wananga style training classes this weekend with a special launch on the 9th of March, this school will also be training 20 families.

Taipa Area School were quick to get underway on Wednesday the 9th of February. With Anna Tripp, the tutor, taking three classes a week to make sure all of the 20 families can get their 20 hours training up their sleeves by the end of the term. Anna is now an experienced Computers in Homes tutor and has some exciting class plans ready to implement with her families. It is great to see her getting so involved in the project, it really makes the whole process run smoothly and efficiently. Thank you Anna. I look forward to this eager and chirpy bunch graduating on the 14th of April, I’m sure it will be quite an event!

Kaingaroa School were next to get up and running on the 21st of February, thanks to the efficiency of their Principal Paul Mathews. He has been so supportive of the project in his school and has a strong focus on digital literacy in the school and local community. On my first visit to the school I was given a great big hug by one of the staff there, they are so pleased to have the project running in their school, what a lovely warm welcome! Kirsten Dolfing came onboard as the tutor which is fantastic for the families as she is a qualified school teacher. It doesn’t get any better than that. On my visit at the first lesson Kirsten had a great turnout and I was able to meet most of the people participating. They were full of good questions and have the inquisitive minds for learning. I know these two groups of 10 will really enjoy their course and learn a lot. A graduation date is yet to be confirmed.

There has been such an enthusiasm this year from everyone involved and I can’t wait to see everyone graduate. Thanks to those participants who have sent me lovely emails, it is great to hear you are having fun and that you and your families are really benefiting from this project, keep them coming, I love hearing from you all.
Brett, our wonderful Technician giving his introduction to Kaingaroa.

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