Jul 18, 2011


Term 2 was a great success.  Our first two schools participating in the Kaikohe area were Kaikohe West School and Kaikohe East School.  Each school were allocated 20 placements for whanau participants with only one person from Kaikohe East School failing to graduate.

Kaikohe East School were the first to get underway having a launch evening on the 13th of April.  There was a good turnout here and all were enthusiastic to get into their training.  They began their training on the 9th of May and because there was a smaller POD of 7 computers in the school they had three groups train each week for 2 hours at a time.  The tutors were all teachers from the school so to lighten the workload they decided to teach one group each.  Graeme, Robin and Stevie did a wonderful job tutoring the classes and Graeme reported that the school and the whanau of those participating in the project have formed new and strong relationships which are a fantastic benefit of the project.

The groups completed their training and graduated on the 15th of July in their school hall.  The participants, myself, Laurence Zwimpfer (2020 Communications Trust), Adele Gardner (2020 Far North ICT Trust) and Neville Alexander (Kaikohe Computers in Homes Technician) were all welcomed to the school by Powhiri at 9:30 am, the children put on a wonderful display with some awesome waiata.  Well done to the kids, they were fantastic to listen to and to watch.  The tutors and participants alike shared some hilarious stories from their classes which included one of the participants moving her mouse over her monitor when told to click the button with the mouse and trying to tap the side of the screed to get her picture to the centre of the screen.  This just shows how far our whanau come when taking on the course.  It is difficult to teach adults who are at all different stages of learning and I credit the tutors for a magnificent job.  The certificates were handed out and the computers loaded up, they were decorated beautifully for the whanau.  We had a lovely morning tea including a scrummy mushroom soup and everyone headed home to test out their new machines.

Kaikohe West School had their launch on the 11th May and jumped straight into their training that evening.  Brendan Johnson tutored two classes each week for two hours at a time, he put great effort into class plans and was wonderful with the participants.  He always kept me in the loop with what his classes were up to which was great.

Kaikohe West also had their graduation on the 15th of July at 12 pm and held a full school assembly.  Brendon kindly handed over the microphone over to me to introduce Computers in Homes once the children had all received their certificates.  Thanks for that Brendon!  The school had an opening of their new Tawaraunui the day before so we had the honour of using this new stage.  Laurence Zwimpfer and Adele Gardner said a few words also then we handed out the certificates.  There seemed to be a common theme popping up at both of the graduations when handing out the certifcates and that was fact that when working in a classroom there is always a naughty student, I won’t name any names but you know who you are.  Brendon seemed to have a few of them in his classes but they all had fun learning which is the main thing.  The assembly was closed and the participants all gathered for some lunch and the cutting of the cake.

What a successful day we had at both of the schools.  They were both so easy to work alongside and I thank the schools the principals and the tutors for that.  I think these graduations will be hard to top.

Lastly, WELL DONE to all of the participants, there were some pretty horrid nights during their training and they were all so dedicated to come to class.  You all deserve your computers and it was lovely to be able to meet and work with you all.  Just make sure your kids give you a turn on that computer once and a while.

Term 3 brings further training in the Kaikohe area with Tautoro School and TKKM Kaikohe beginning their training.  I look forward to continuing the project in Kaikohe if the up and coming schools are as organised and friendly as the schools we have just visited.  I know they will be.

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  1. It is cool being at this school thanks kaikohe west school