Nov 22, 2011


Tautoro School trained and graduated 14 whanau in Term 3 of 2011.  The graduation was held on the 7th of October with a heartwarming ceremony including the tamariki calling up their own parents to collect their certificates and giving them a special gift they had made.  The tamariki told their parents how proud they were of them as they passed over their rewards.  I believe the tamariki learnt a lot from seeing their parents learning a new skill and receiving the rewards for it.  For the graduation the school hosted a full ICT whanau day with both the parents and tamariki alike showing off their ICT skills that they had been learning.
Jane Lindsay the Principal of the school expressed how the Computers in Homes Project has really brought their small community together and how wonderful it is to get the parents more involved in the school like this.
Unfortunately, only days after taking home their PC’s from the graduation one poor family suffered a house fire in which they lost everything, luckily escaping with only minor burns.
Dawnette, who tutored the classes, contacted me to see if we would be interested in helping out this family by donating a second PC.  Glenn Barrow, his son Ricci and his whanau had house insurance but no contents.  They are currently living in Awarua.  The Marae offered their “Whare-Awhina” for them to stay in while they look for permanent accommodation.  The entire community are pulling together to gather essential belongings for the whanau and I felt it our part to replace the PC he lost only days after taking it home.
Above: From Left – Neville Alexander (CIH Technician), Glenn Barrow (CIH Graduate), Dawnette Neho (CIH Tutor), Jane Lindsey (Tautoro School Principal) and front is Ricci (son of Glenn).

On Friday the 17th of November the PC was delivered to Tautoro School by out Technician, Neville Alexander, for Glenn to pick up.  We had interest from The Northland Age, Town and Country and Northern News in this story and Glenn was happy to take part in telling his story as the least he could do for everyone’s kindness.  We are awaiting the articles to be published. 
Glenn expressed his immense thanks to us, he was extremely humbled by what Computers in Homes were able to do for him as well as the community.  All our best wishes go out to Glenn and his whanau at this time and we hope that we were able to bring a small ray of light to such a tragic situation.

Above: Tautoro School CIH Graduates and their Tamariki with Emma Tracey the Far North Regional Coordinator and Eric Shakelton, Trustee for the 2020 Far North ICT Trust.

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