Feb 13, 2012


On the 7th of February Mangamuka School whanau began their training with tutor Dean Munden and the tautoko of the prinicipal Maryanne Beddgood.  This small rural school has only 8 families all together and we were able to provide places for 6 whanau to take part in the CiH project.

Dean reported back to me after their first lessons at the school that he had a full turnout of very eager students.  This is great to hear, and I can’t wait to hear more of what they are getting up to.
Our mission now is to find some way of getting these whanau online.  Our biggest barrier to online take-up with this group will be the need for them to look for an alternative broadband provider via satellite as there is no telecom owned broadband infrastructure in that area.  There is also no 3G coverage from Vodafone or Telecom.  Majority of the whanau do not have access to landlines so our current plan with SNAP is not appropriate for them.
Go Mangamuka!  I look forward to seeing your progress over the next few weeks.

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  1. Great work Emma. Proud to see you are working right up to the last minute! Well done to all the Far North CIH whanau :)