Apr 24, 2012


Mangamuka School graduated their 6 whanau through the project with 100% attendance.  Well done to those whanau taking part!  Graduation was held at the school on the 4th of April at 11 am.  A local kaumatua spoke on behalf of the community and Eric Shakelton came along in support of the 2020 Far North ICT Trust.  We also had the company of Petrina from the Northland Age who published an article in the paper on the 12th of April.  The tamariki from the school stood out when it came to singing waiata with their beautiful voices.  After handing out certificates we all settled in for some kai which was arranged by the school and the whanau also participated.  What a lovely group of people!
Mangamuka Graduates cutting the cake.

Mangamuka Graduates, the tamariki from the school, Brett Hunter (CiH Technician), Eric Shakelton (2020 Far North ICT Trust), Dean Munden (CiH Tutor), Emma Tracey (CiH Far North Coordinator)

Dean (the tutor) has done such a fantastic job in training the families and Maryanne (the Principal) gave her full support the whole way through.  Thank you for being so supportive of the project.  After discussion with both Dean and Maryanne it was decided that the school are also going to host the Stepping UP project in their school.  I have allocated them 23 places under the remaining Microsoft funding, anyone from the community is invited to take part in this training which is a step up from what was learnt during the CiH training.  There are many options to choose from and Dean will teach what is relevant to his learners.  Varying from Digital Design to Word Processing to Home Finances.

We also have Stepping UP running from Te Kotahitanga E Mahi Kaha Trust in Kaikohe with the tutor Lyston taking the groups.  He has 45 places for members of the community to take part in the training under the remaining Microsoft funding and if you have vouchers given to you for Stepping UP training you can also present these to Lyston for guaranteed training.  Dawnette from Tautoro School also has places for anyone who received vouchers through their CiH training or for 23 members of the community under the Microsoft funding.  So please tell your friends and whanau to contact these places if they wish to learn some computer skills, training will be adapted to what you want to learn.

Also on the go are the Rejuvenations for the remaining schools under the CPF3 budget.  Kaitaia Primary School, Ngataki School and Te Kao School have now joined Kohukohu School and Awanui Primary School in completing the Rejuvenation process.  One lucky person from each of the school won a digital camera for their efforts to come into the school again and complete an online survey with me.  We are now just waiting on Taipa to complete the rejuvenations for this round of funding.  I have made contact with Kaingaroa School and TKKM o Pukemiro to select dates to do Rejuvenations with them in Term 2 2012.  They will complete the Rejuvenations for DLC2010-11 funding period.

Rangiawhia are set to start their CiH training on the 25th of April.  They have been allocated 14 whanau places and have had no trouble drumming up interest in their area of Whatuwhiwhi.  I am looking forward to working with this school as they have been so enthusiastic and accommodating.  I know we will have great success stories from their whanau in the future.  They have a wonderful tutor onboard, Nathan Morunga and Project Champion, Michelle from the BOT who are a great support to the project.

So we are very busy here in the Far North and loving it!

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