Sep 10, 2012


Waima School and Te Kura Kaupapa Maori te Tonga o Hokianga both situated in the Hokianga are well into their training now for Term 3.  Waima School had their Launch and first lessons for 14 whanau on the 26th of July at 2 pm and have set a date for their graduation of the 28th of September at 10:30 am.  TKKM te Tonga o Hokianga are also training 14 whanau with their Launch and first lesson on the 26th of July at 2:30 pm and a graduation date of the 21st of September at 10:45 am.  All is going smoothly with both of these groups and there are only a few short weeks of training left.  Their PC’s have been ordered and are being checked over and the invites have been sent.  We are looking forward to some great graduations in the Hokianga!

Rejuvenation surveys are now being completed over the phone by Jacquelene Beran who is ploughing through those who were not able to attend the Rejuvenations in the Schools and also those more recently coming up for Rejuvenation in the Kaikohe area.  We are hoping phone calls will be a more effective way to make sure we get as many Rejuvenation surveys completed as possible.  It is also a great time for us to remind those people that a WOF is available to them from our Technicians.

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