Oct 3, 2012


We had a very successful graduation at TKKM o te Tonga o Hokianga on the 26th of September at 11 am.  The entire Kura was involved in the celebration and sang some amazing waiata with beautiful harmonies to kick off the celebration.  A local, Matua Pat conducted a karakia and mihi whakatau before passing over to Xena the tutor to say a few words and finally to myself and Adele Gardner, Trustee for the 2020 Far North ICT Trust who kindly made time in her busy schedule to attend.
Students of Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o te Tonga o Hokianga
Also in attendance was Murray Nathan the group’s technician did a mihi on behalf of Computer in Homes.  Whaea Alimae and Nana Yvonne spoke on behalf of the graduates and whaea Michelle Sarich the Principal said a few touching words really relevant to the difference Computers in Homes if making to their community and the value of the project.  Finally the certificates were handed out with much joy and we all retired for some kai, which could have fed the whole community!  It was a beautiful spread that we were able to enjoy with the whole Kura.
Graduates of Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o te Tonga o Hokianga along with Murray Nathan – CIH Technician, Adele Gardner – 2020 Far North ICT Trust Trustee, Iantha and Xena – Tutors and Emma Tracey – CIH Regional Coordinator.

Graduate unwrapping her new computer.
Waima held their graduation ceremony on the 28th of September at 10:30 am.  This was a more intimate event with the graduates, myself, Murray Nathan the Technician, Dallas Williams the tutor and Joe Carr a Northland Regional Councillor.  Thank you Joe for taking time from your busy schedule to support Computers in Homes and the graduates of Waima School.  We also had 4 fantastic hosts, senior students that came into the school on the first day of their school holidays to look after us.  They arranged all the menu, decorations, seating and kindly welcomed us into the school on our arrival.  They did an amazing job!  Here is a link to the Waima School website where Dallas has written a small article on their CiH experience and put up some photos:  www.waimakura.com
Emma Tracey cutting the graduation cake

Graduates along with Dallas Williams – Tutor, Murray Nathan – CIH Technician, Emma Tracey – CIH Regional Coordinator and Joe Carr – Northland Regional Councillor.
The final week of classes was topped off with a ‘Trivial Pursuit’ style assessment where students got creative with their buzzer noises and had a lot of fun racing to answers and locations on their computer which demonstrated their developed abilities.  This was creatively put together by Dallas and she is kindly willing to share this activity with my other tutors in the future.
Joe Carr – Northland Regional Councillor with Pia Wilcox (who graduated with distinction) and Dallas Williams – Tutor.
The Board Of Trustees at Waima hope to open a ‘Community Computer Centre’ 2 days a week with the 7 computers that will remain at the school, a continuing initiative to build ICT knowledge and ability into the families of the Hokianga.
Overall we had a very successful week of graduations and it was a joy to see those graduating with such pride and happiness.  It was a job well done by all participants.
Both Kura are eager to run the Stepping UP programme and arrangements will be made to do this as soon as possible.  They have also both expressed their interest in hosting the Computers in Homes project again as soon as we are able.  Their enthusiasm for the project just proves it’s successfulness in our communities.

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