Apr 18, 2013


Not only were we celebrating the rain and the break of the drought on Monday (15th of April), we were also celebrating the graduation of 19 parents that took part in the Computers in Homes programme at Mangonui School.  We all became a little damp as we were welcomed into the school by the senior students and after a quick Powhiri that the students had been practising for the event we all relocated to a dryer Library for the ceremony.  We had some very special guests in attendance at this event.  Mike Sabin and Shane Jones both made a special effort to attend as they both had children attending the school, Mr Sabin’s children currently and Mr Jones's in the years gone by.  We also had Di Daniels, the Computers in Homes National Coordinator, fly up from Kapiti to be there, Piripi Moore from 2020 Communications Trust who drove up from Whangarei especially and of course our Technician Brett Hunter and myself CiH Far North Regional Coordinator.
Evan Wood CiH Tutor, Shane Jones MP and Graduate Jasmine Lee

Graduate Willie Walker with Mike Sabin MP

Graduate Katrina Roberts with children and Mike Sabin MP
From Left: Mike Sabin MP, Evan Wood CiH Tutor, Graduate Carmen White, Shane Jones MP
From Left: Di Daniels CiH National Coordinator, Shane Jones MP, Dave Sedcole Mangonui School Principal, Emma Tracey CiH Far North Regional Coordinator
After some engaging words from the guests about the significance of digital literacy in our homes and the importance of parent understanding the safety around the internet for our tamariki the certificates were then handed out by the MP’s and we settled in for some kai, cake and a chat.  We had a very successful day despite the weather thanks to Dave Sedcole, Principal and Evan Wood, CiH Tutor who planned and put the event into action.
CiH Tutor Evan Wood cutting the cake
CiH Graduates of Mangonui School and their Tamariki with Shane Jones MP, Piripi Moore 2020 Communications Trust (behind Shane Jones), Evan Wood CiH Tutor , Brett Hunter CiH Technician, Di Daniels CiH National Coordinator, Dave Sedcole Mangonui School Principal and Emma Tracey CiH Far North Regional Coordinator.
Stepping UP will be delivered at Mangonui School from the 6th of May (first Monday of Term 2).  This is free computer training offered to the community which is a “step up” from what the Computers in Homes Graduates may have learnt during their 10 weeks of training.  The topics range from Digital Design to Home Finances to Work Readiness and the students are able to vote for their most desired topics with majority rules.  If you or anyone you know is interested in this free computer training at Mangonui School, or at our other schools also hosting the Stepping UP programme being Mangamuka School and Tautoro School please contact me on 021-047-6806 or emma.tracey@vodafone.net.nz.
Umawera School Powiri

Di Daniels addressing the graduates and the students
Di Daniels and I then travelled the next day (16th of April) to attend the Graduation at Umawera School.  Once again we had a fabulous Powhiri initiated by the students.  After a few words from myself, Di Daniels, Brett Hunter the CiH Technician, Christine Gilmore the Umawera School Principal and Ange the CiH Tutor the certificates were handed out.  All 18 of the Graduates were decorated in cap and gown made by the students to collect their certificates.  This made the event extra special in its own right.  We took some great photos and had the graduates throw their caps in the air in celebration.  After the hustle and bustle of the families loading their refurbished PC’s into their cars we were treated to an amazing spread arranged by the school.
From left: Di Daniels, Ange Leahy and graduate Sue Karl also winner of a Printer provided by the school.
Umawera School Computers in Homes Graduates with Tutor Ange Leahy (far right)

Hats off to all the Graduates!

Emma Tracey and Ange Leahy cutting the cake
Because Umawera area is not scheduled to be upgraded on the Rural Broadband Initiative (if at all) we had applied to Internet NZ for funding to put into action our plan for Rural Community Satellite Broadband which has now been approved.  Plans will be put into action to have a Satellite erected at Umawera Schools which our Computers in Homes families in that area and the Mangamuka area will be able to link to wirelessly.  This is a very exciting project for us and we are chomping at the bit to get started and to get our whanau digitally linked in this digital world.

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