May 22, 2013


On the 8th of May Okaihau School inducted their 16 participants to the Computer in Homes Programme with a wonderful turnout, some taking time off work to be there.  Thank you to all of those whanau for being there and making a strong commitment to your learning and the future of your children’s learning.
Camella Ortega (the schools funding coordinator) applied on behalf of the school over a year ago and is delighted to finally have the opportunity to host Computers in Homes at the school.  Camella is not only championing the programme but has also put her hand up to tutor the classes also with the support of their Principal, Tim and ICT Teacher Kate Kerr.  After meeting with these three previously it was obvious their strong focus is on the families of their small community.
So the classes began on the same day as the Launch on the 8th of May and we had a great initial uptake of the subsidised internet connection with 9 already wanting to sign up with more sorting out a few priorities over the next few weeks so they can sign up also.  Camella has reported a great turnout to her classes and is about to begin training this week with USB Flash Drives.
The Graduation for these whanau is going to be held at the school on the 11th of July at 10 am.  Invitations are to be sent shortly.  We hope to see you there to celebrate this achievement with the whanau involved!

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