Aug 16, 2013


Ahipara have gotten off to a great start in Term 3 this year.  We have 21 families training in groups of 7 each week at Ahipara School.  We have had enormous support from the Principal, Jackie Osborne, which has made beginning the project at the school at short notice a breeze.
I have taken on the task of tutoring this term as the school is near to me and it has been a whole new challenge to what I am used to.  Although an eye opener to what the tutors are put up to it’s also a wonderful opportunity to get to know some of our whanau on a more personal level.  I am really enjoying the new relationships being formed in our classes.
This has also led me to create a lesson plan that can be used for all of our future classes with updated information and dedicated topics for each lesson including hand-outs so the students can go back to this information when they get their PC’s home.
We are having the graduation on the 25th of September at 4 pm and so far have two Trustees from the 2020 Far North ICT Trust confirm their attendance at the event and are looking forward to more RSVP’s to come through shortly.
We have also planned our destinations through till 30 June next year and have had a great enthusiastic response from these schools (who have been patiently waiting on our waiting list for their turn to participate):
Term 4 2013:  Omanaia School (4), Pakaraka School (7)
Term 1 2014:  Opononi Area School (21), TKKM Aniwaniwa (14)
Term 2 2014:  Abundant Life School (21), Pamapuria School (14)


  1. Hi there, I am very interested in this program and would love to be apart of it. Does this still run in Kaitaia?

    1. Hi Amy, sorry for the delay in replying to your comment! I didn't see it. Can you please email me your contact details at and I'll be happy to get you onboard the programme ASAP. Thank you, Emma