Nov 19, 2013


Pakaraka School and Omanaia School Launched Computers in Homes in their schools on the 15th of October.  Classes are underway and the training is going well.  We are going to graduate 7 families at Pakaraka School on the 13th of December at 12 pm and 5 families at Omanaia School on the 5th of December at 12 pm.  We are all looking forward to these events especially as it will be wonderful timing taking those PC’s home for Christmas.
I am meeting with the Principal and Tutor for Opononi Area School on the 21st of November.  They are very keen to get things underway and have already put a notice in the newsletter for families to take part.  They have been allocated 21 spaces for whanau in Term 1.
I also expect to visit with TKKM Aniwaniwa Tumuaki this week.  This school has been allocated 14 spaces for Term 1.
We already have two further school lined up for Term 2 2014 (Abundant Life School and Pamapuria School) who will train 35 families.  We currently have over 15 schools waiting to be part of our programme in the Far North.
The Umawera Rural Satellite Project is underway with funding applications so far successful.  We aim to have families online by Christmas in the Umawera area.

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