Feb 17, 2014


We recently held Launch ceremonies on the 3rd of February at both Opononi Area School and Omanaia School.  Both schools have now begun their 10 weeks of training to graduate in the last week of term which at this stage we are planning for the 16th of April.  Omanaia have got 5 families training and Opononi have 14 families training.
TKKM Aniwaniwa have been a little slower off the mark but things are starting to heat up with a Launch ceremony being planned for the 19th of February at 3:30 pm for 14 of their whanau.  Since Aniwaniwa have a new computer suite they are going to use this instead of our POD’s which is great.  We are looking at having a weekend Graduation here on the 12th of April which is to be confirmed.
We are starting to plan Rejuvenations for Waima School, TKKM Hokianga, TKKM Whangaroa and Totara North School over the next few weeks, we will spend a day at each school doing WOF’s and surveys as they are some distance to travel to on a regular basis. 
Meetings are being arranged at Pamapuria School and Abundant Life School to meet with the Principal and Tutors ready to start their families training in Term 2.

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