Apr 28, 2014


Omanaia School successfully graduated 5 families on the 14th of April at 1 pm and Opononi Area School graduated 14 families on the 14th of April at 4:30 pm.  We were lucky enough to have the company of Green Party MP David Clendon at both of these events.

We had several families wishing to sign up for internet at the event so I have been busy loading up the forms with SNAP and making arrangements for more modems.
Two of our graduates from Omanaia School.  From left Hare Pickering and Jackie Shelford.

Graduates and their Tamariki from Opononi Area School.
Te Rangi Aniwaniwa Graduation was held on the 12th of April at 10 am with David Clendon once again in attendance along with Mike Ward – Te Hiku Community Board, his wife Nuu and Adele Gardner from the Trust wearing two hats as she is also on the Te Hiku Community Board.  13 families graduated here.

Graduates and their Tamariki from Te Rangi Aniwaniwa with special guests David Clendon, Adele Gardner, Mike Ward and his Wife Nuu and Tutor, Ari Davis.

Ari Davis - Tutor for Te Rangi Aniwaniwa cutting the celebratory cake for her graduates.
We have had great support at our Graduation events from David Clendon – Green Party MP, he has expressed how he will do what he can to help our project continue.

David Clendon - Green Party MP, speaking at the Opononi Area School Graduation event.
Abundant Life School (21), Pamapuria School (14) and Te Kura o Hato Hohepa Te Kumara (7) have confirmed participation and Launch at the beginning of Term 2.  42 are planned to graduate in the first week of July.  We currently have over 15 schools waiting to be part of our programme in the Far North.
At Abundant Life School 3 groups of 7 will be training each week for 2.5 hours at a time (as Term 2 is only 9 weeks the lessons will be slightly longer).  A Launch date has been set for 5:30 pm on the 6th of May and all 21 families have been asked to attend on this day. 

The Launch for Pamapuria School will be on the 7th of May at 2 pm and I am excited to work with the great team there.  Te Kura O Hato Hohepa Te Kumara have set a Launch date has been set for the 5th of May at 5:30 pm.
We have Rejuvenations coming up with Totara North on the 12th of May and other schools to follow.

We have now graduated over half of our 100 families for the DLC13-14 round of funding.  61 have graduated since July 2013 with a further 42 due to graduate from Abundant Life School, Pamapuria School and TKHH Kumara in the first week of July.

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