Jun 3, 2014


Abundant Life School (18), Pamapuria School (14) and Te Kura o Hato Hohepa Te Kumara (7) Launched CiH at the beginning of Term 2 and are well on their way to Graduation day!  42 are planned to graduate in the first week of July:

  • *       Pamapuria School at 12:30 pm on the 02nd of July
  • *       Abundant Life School at 3:30 pm on the 02nd of July
  • *       TKHH Kamura on the 04th of July at 10:30 am.

Today, I wanted to share with you a story of success from one of our families that took part at Mangonui School and graduated on the 15th of April 2013.  Cherie Tatai tells her story about having a computer in her home below:

Wow, what a fantastic year my whanau has had, full of achievements and learning made fun.  But first let me/us thank you for the wonderful opportunities we’ve had, life changing in fact.  Thank You!

I am a very proud mother, and if you don’t mind I would like to brag for a minute or two and share with you just how beneficial Computers in Homes really was for us!  We (parents) graduated CIH in April 2013 at our local school, Mangonui School.   At that time of the year my son Zion was in year 2.  He was a very keen learner, however at parent teacher meeting his teacher told me his reading was below national standards.  I wasn’t happy, I even thought Zion’s teacher didn’t know what she was talking about.

It was April 2013 and the day we graduated happened to also be Zion’s 6th birthday, I gave the computer to Zion and taught him everything I had learned at CIH, and together we both learned even more as the months rolled by.  One day I noticed Zion was reading over my shoulder as I was typing in my word on Scrabble.  That day I realised that he was spelling and reading on a whole new level.  This also began to reflect on a school level too.

The hundreds of words I’ve spelt with Zion to help him search “Google”, the many hours of fun as we played online word games and the online conversations with Zion’s older siblings overseas has all contributed to his achievements in learning to spell and read at a high level.

Zion is now the top of his year (year 3) for reading and spelling.  In fact Zion’s teacher took him to the next year above on exam day (year 4) to see how he would do as he was looking a little bored in her class.  Zion came away from that exam with 91%!  OMG what can I say?  I’m so proud of Zion!  CiH has literally changed our lives and will continue to do so as we continue to learn together.

Our next project is Maths.  I would say wish us luck but we don’t need it, we have internetness and a computer!  Thank you Computers in Homes from the bottom of our hearts.

Above:  A very happy Zion Tatai!


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