Jul 24, 2014


The following schools held graduation events recently:

  • *       Pamapuria School at 12:30 pm on the 02nd of July
  • *       Abundant Life School at 3:30 pm on the 02nd of July
  • *       TKHH Kamura at 10:30 am on the 04th of July

Each event was special in its own right.  Pamapuria was the first to kick off with a fantastic turnout of participants and their whanau but also special guest Mayor John Carter, Moana Erickson from the Mana Party and 2020 Far North ICT Trustees Adele Gardner and Eric Shakelton.  The Principal, Rikki Horlock was very supportive of the whole project and said so at the event.  We had two amazing tutors at this school who during the day work as Office Administrators at the school and by evening teaching Computers in Homes, I’d like to send out a huge thank you to Sue O’Brien and Raewyn Neeson for their time and input throughout the term.  Each of the 13 graduates typed me a beautiful letter in Word not only showing their new skills but stating their achievements and goals, it was a joy reading these.

The Pamapuria Graduates with Tutors Raewyn Neeson and Sue O'Brien, Mayor John Carter and 2020 Far North ICT Trustees Eric Shakelton and Adele Gardner.

We then had Abundant Life where again we had Mayor John Carter and our two 2020 Trustees in attendance.  Mark Tan, Principal of the School gave a heartfelt introduction and we all congratulated the 9 graduates with certificates.  Doug Graves was in charge of the Tutoring at this school and did a fantastic job, and being a man of many talents had his very own pickles and spreads laid out with the afternoon tea for us all to try, yum.

Left:  Abundant Life Graduates with Tutor Doug Graves, 2020 Far North ICT Trustees Eric Shakelton and Adele Gardner, Mayor John Carter and Computers in Homes Regional Coordinator Emma Tracey.  Right:  Diane cutting the celebration cake on behalf of the graduates with some very enthusiastic onlookers.

Te Kura o Hato Hohepa Kamura was our final group with 7 families graduating.  The tamariki at the school got involved and serenaded us with a waiata.  Not only did the 7 families get a PC to take home but the school were donated 2 PC’s as koha for hosting the project (as we do with all our schools), well the kids were over the moon to hear this and it was nice to see the school benefiting from the Computers in Homes project too!

Graduates and Tamariki of TKHH Kamura with Tutor Hiria Hona.
We already have three more schools about to start training for Term 3 being Broadwood School (with an allocation of 14 families), Oturu School (21 families) and Paparore School (15 families).  Launches are being held this week with training to follow for the Term.

Stepping UP is now running in Kaitaia Library with computer classes on Monday and Thursday mornings at 9:30 am in the Te Ahu Centres training suite.  So if you in need of a brush up on your computer skills or want to “step up” from the skills you already have please check out the classes.  You can register online at www.steppingup.org.nz, or call (09) 409-4900 for more information.  And best news of all, these classes are FREE!! 


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