Aug 25, 2014


Currently working hard to complete 20 hours of computer training for up to 50 families are the following schools:

  • *       Oturu School
  • *       Paparore School
  • *       Broadwood School


Oturu School – Although we have had a few setbacks with the launch of training at this school (due to our original tutor reluctantly pulling out the programme due to family health issues) we managed to get a new tutor Rewa Sullivan, an Office Administrator from the school, on board to tutor the 3 groups of 7 participants, totalling 21 families that will graduate.  Because the training has started later in the term than usual we are thinking of perhaps having the graduation early in Term 4 so they can train through the holidays so a date and time is yet to be confirmed.  I will be re-visiting the classes next week to get some paperwork done and introduce myself as the official Launch had a very poor turnout due to confusion over the tutor.  All is on track now and they are on their way to graduation day.


Paparore School – I couldn’t have asked for more in a tutor from this school.  Debbie Cloete is more than organised and a real asset to Computers in Homes.  We had a very successful Launch on the 25th of July at 1pm with all 14 participants attending.  Since then Debbie has dove into her training session head on.  We have a graduation event set for the 23rd of September at 3pm.


Broadwood School – Our tutor Danelle Smith is a busy woman to say the least but she has assured me that training at the school is going well with majority of the participants showing real dedication.  We had half of the families attend the Launch on the 22nd of July at 3:30 pm, we made allowances for absence here as the Far North had just been through a terrible storm and some roads were still closed to the public.  A graduation date has been set for the 24th of September at 10am.


Stepping UP – Kaitaia Library Pilot Programme – This programme has so far been more than successful with nearly all the classes over the term being fully booked and extras turning up on the day to register.  Ana Vivian is doing a fantastic job with her students and has created PowerPoint presentations to compliment the training material.  Ana has completed 11 lessons so far with classes full to the brim for each.

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