Oct 15, 2014


The following schools all had graduations recently to celebrate the completion of 20 hours training for 35 families all together:

*       Paparore School -23rd of September at 3 pm.  13 families.

*       Broadwood School – 24th of September at 10 am.  9 families.

*       Oturu School – 25th of September at 3 pm.  13 families.

Paparore School – This graduation event was so fantastic.  The tutor Debbie Cloete had arranged everything to a very high standard.  I am lucky enough that Debbie has agreed to help tutor for CiH at other schools in the near future.  We had 13 very happy families go home that afternoon with their new equipment.  We were lucky enough to have Di Daniels, CiH National Coordinator as our special guest on that day and also our Chairman/Principal of Paparore School, John Windleborn.

Broadwood School – Di Daniels was also able to attend this event which started off with a very impressive Powhiri which not only welcomed CiH into the school but also another school there for a sports event.  We had a lovely time and graduated 9 lovely families.

Oturu School – We got there in the end and with flying colours.  Rewa the tutor did an amazing job getting all 13 families graduated after a few setbacks at the beginning of the Term with the initial tutor having to pull out due to family health issues.  Rewa kindly took over and did wonders with her families.

Stepping UP – Kaitaia Library Programme – The Pilot Programme was such a success at the Te Ahu centre last term that Ana is training again this term.  Not only that we are in correspondence with other Far North Libraries to try and get them on board with hosting the programme too.  We are looking at possibly Kaeo and Kaikohe Libraries.  Kaeo has a spare room and free Wi-Fi so will be perfect for us to utilise.


Rejuvenations – These are my main priority this term!  I am going to track down our families that are still yet to go through the Rejuvenation process and make sure all our families get a chance to have a WOF done on their machines.

Next Year – I am planning to host CiH at a Community Training Centre in Kaitaia for Term 1 and 2 next year.  This will allow us to pick up those families that have missed out at the schools we have already visited an also open it up to families of schools that are not yet on our waiting list to take part.  As I have quite an extensive waiting list of families wishing to take part I thought it was important to give them the opportunity.  Watch this space!

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