Nov 18, 2014


In Term 1 and 2 2015 we will be hosting the Computers in Homes programme for the Far North at the Te Ahu Centre Training Suite.  This Community Training Centre is being utilised to get to all the families that may have missed out at their local school in the past few years.
We have already got 39 families registered for Term 1 out of 40 spaces available and will start filling the Term 2 spots shortly.
We have two fantastic tutors lined up to take 2 lessons each every week for the two terms.  Debbie Cloete and Ana Vivian have both tutored for us in the past and are brilliant at inspiring and making learning fun and achievable.
I will be posting out an information pack to each family in the coming weeks with all the information they will require and will Launch Term 1 on the 21st of January 2015 at the Te Ahu Centre at 5:30 pm.
2014 is whizzing past so quickly but things are coming together nicely for next years training.
Here is our poster that was sent out with the school newsletters all over the Far North:

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