Feb 25, 2016

Coming up in March...

  • STEPPING UP:  I am happy to report that Stepping UP has kicked off in both Kaitaia Library and Kerikeri Proctor Library for the year.  Kaitaia has full classes lined up and has become very popular in the community.  We are still promoting Kerikeri as it is still quite new to the area but have had several registrations here also.

  • COMPUTERS IN HOMES:  I have had several calls over the past few weeks of new families wanting to sign up for Computers in Homes and have an extensive waiting list, mainly for families in the Kaitaia area who have heard about our project from friends and family who have graduated last year.  We await news of further funding but may be able to put through a small group in Term 2, this is to be discussed with the Trust at the next meeting.

  • THE 2020 FAR NORTH ICT TRUST:  The 2020 Far North Trust have also been asked to speak at an upcoming PROBUS event on the 8th of March at REAP Kaitaia.  This is a fantastic opportunity to promote our projects and hopefully recruit some interest for another Trustee, as the Trust are always looking for an extra person.  We have our presentations ready and Ian Swindells (Trustee) and I are looking forward to speaking with this group.