Jun 1, 2016


We have recently had some good news from head office confirming that we will be receiving some funding for the 2016 to 2017 period.  This has put all the wheels back in action and I am currently making plans to start classes in Term 3 (end of July) and will hopefully have our first groups graduated by end of September 2016.  We have an extensive waiting list for our local CTC and there are several small school also waiting patiently for their turn to host Computers in Homes.  The office has suddenly gone from calm and orderly to chaotic and frantic, in a good way of course.

Stepping Up is trucking along nicely at Kaitaia Library with the staff there now very confident at taking charge here.  It has been a little slower at Kerikeri Proctor Library and we are still trying to get full cooperation and support from the staff here.  I am hoping if I can take CiH out there in Term 3 this may help boost the SUP numbers also.

The awesome team at REAP Kaitaia have taken this project under their wings and are doing a great job getting young school leavers and job-starters trained up and certified.

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